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City of Wayne
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33701 E. Michigan Ave.
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Traffic Bureau

The Wayne Police Department's Traffic Bureau¬†handles¬†all investigations relating to¬†fatal/serious traffic accidents and¬†criminal traffic cases.The traffic bureau also¬†works closely with the citizens of Wayne¬†who have Dispatchtraffic related concerns. In dealing with these concerns, the¬†traffic bureau may conduct¬†traffic studies,¬†accident studies, or targeted radar/laser enforcement to help address these concerns.¬†The traffic bureau's¬†duties also include coordinating special events and parade routes, taxi cab and ice cream truck inspections, monthly vehicle auctions, accident report verification,¬†and coordinating the school crossing guard program. If you have any traffic concerns or questions for the traffic bureau, please contact Officer Tom Warren at 734-721-1414 ext. 1535.