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Newly Renovated Community Center
Dedication Dec 5th at 6 pm

The Wayne Community Center renovation and upgrade construction project has been completed and the Center has been open and in full operation for several weeks. On Friday, December 5th at 6 pm, the newly renovated Center will be dedicated.Major Improvement at the Community Center

"Wayne residents and non-residents who haven't visited the Community Center recently will see major improvements when they come in," said Kim Alexander, Director of Wayne Parks and Recreation.

"The Center remained open and in operation throughout the project," Alexander continued, "and we would like to express our appreciation for all those who tolerated the inconvenience of the construction as well as the dust it created during the past few weeks."

The upgrade makes better use of the existing space inside the 30-year-old Community Center structure, is more responsive to current recreational trends and more accessible to special needs patrons, said Alexander.

The Wayne Community Center offers a full range of recreational and health-related services. On average more than 1,000 members, both residents and non-residents, come to the Center each week.

The Community Center upgrades include:Wayne Community Center's new sign

  • Remodeling the racquetball courts into a large wellness area for weight training which is now universally accessible and can accommodate all special needs
  • Remodeling the upper level space into additional exercise studios / multi-purpose rooms in order to better accommodate the growing Jazzercise program
  • Expanding the cardio area by 50% to accommodate more machines and accessibility plus equipping it with a new Cardio Theater, featuring four large screen televisions
  • Enhancement of the men’s and women’s locker rooms, plus expansion of the men’s locker room
  • Dividing and renovating the current women’s work out area into a massage therapy room as well as health and wellness consultation office
  • Remodeling the entrance to the Recreation and Exercise Club (REC) and adding a new control desk for the REC
  • Enhancement of the lobby to provide wireless Internet service
  • Replacing and upgrading the sign in front of the building with an electronic message board

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