The City of Wayne Is Film Friendly

The City of Wayne enthusiastically underscores the "Film Friendly" initiative launched by the State of Michigan and welcomes film production companies from around the world. Since the state has designated the City of Wayne, which is located within Wayne County, a "Core" community, your film production company may be eligible to recieve an additonal two percent incentive for filming in Wayne.

We provide the following local services:Wayne People Create Beautiful Living Spaces!

  • Location photos from our files or shot to order
  • Help with location procurement, permits and clearance
  • Contacts with businesses, institutions, neighborhoods, churches
  • Where to stay, shop and eat
  • Liaison with county/state governments

Designer Warehouse Downtown Wayne, MI.Why Wayne?

The City of Wayne is a unique combination of Americana found nowhere else. From middle class neighborhoods, beautiful parks, small businesses and boutiques to worldclass industrial manufacturing facilities you will discover that the City of Wayne offers interesting and fresh locations for your production.

Wayne people are friendly and supportive and we guarantee you will discover working in our community will be a pleasant experience.

Importantly, we are here to help you. We will begin by matching your location requirements with our community. Send your script or storyboard and other requirements to:

Peter J. McInerney
Community Development Director Ford's Wayne Facilities are Enormous!
3355 South Wayne Rd.
Wayne, MI 48184.

For immediate assistance please contact Peter McInerney at
(734) 722-2000 or you may e-mail him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.