What is Wayne Youth Services Youth Assistance Program?


The Wayne Youth Services Assistance Program is administered through City of Wayne Parks and Recreation Department.


Youth Assistance is a community based delinquency prevention program, which operates in cooperation with the 29th District Court, Wayne Police Department, The Third Circuit Court-juvenile section, public and private schools, and families.


Services are provided to help strengthen family life and to assist the youths of Wayne to become mature and responsible adults.

Who can benefit from Wayne Youth Assistance Program?

Wayne youths, ages 9-17, who are experiencing problems such as:

  • Police or court involvement
  • Problems in school
  • Family troubles
  • Incorrigible behavior at home or school
  • Drug/alcohol abuse

How are youths referred to Youth Assistance?

  • Court
  • Police
  • Schools
  • Family

All referrals should be made directly to Wayne Youth Services Program Office 734-721-7004


What services are offered by Wayne Youth Assistance Program?

  • Support/Impact groups for teens and their parents
  • Community Work Service Program
  • Drug/Alcohol testing and information
  • Substance Abuse Intervention Groups
  • After School Elementary Program
  • Referral Services