City of Wayne History Mural

The theme of the Wayne History Mural is, A Road Runs Through It and is clearly seen in the top section of the mural.The dark brick bands of the building are thought of a roadway presenting a transportation timeline history of Wayne. The mural is big, coverning the majority of the east wall of the State-Wayne Theater. In the photo above, the top sections of the mural, on the left and right sides, are not shown in their entirety.

The mural panels are painted in shades of the brick building color to create the illusion that they are ornamental carvings used in art-deco architecture. This painting style is called, “Trompe L’oeil Grisaille.”

The mural depicts Wayne through four categories:

The Wayne History Mural is the result of the hard work and dedication of many, including the Wayne City Council, the Downtown Development Authority, the 2020 Committee and many friends. The artists are David Fichter and Joshua Winer with the help of Anthony Ivezaj.


The idea of creating public art was developed during Michigan Gov. Granholm’s “Cool Cities” initiative in 2003. From that initiative, City Council formed the 2020 Committee. After, many discussions and meetings, the committee recommended to City Council that a Wayne History Mural should be painted on the east wall of the State-Wayne Theater. Concil approved and the mural was created.

The State-Wayne Theater is a community icon with its beautiful art deco marquee and dancing lights announcing this week’s feature presentations. The theater was purchased by the City in 1991 and completely renovated and made into a multiplex theater with four auditoriums. The building also boasts a stage for live theater, produced by local community theater groups.

HIstory Mural Artists at WorkThe mural was dedicated on October 16, 2007 and re-dedicated on October 28, 2008 following the completion of additional panels.

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Please download our brochure, A Complete Guide to the Wayne History Mural. (6.9MB PFD)