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Not only has William C. Franks enhanced its reputation for outstanding customer service, but the family-operated business is expertly managed and continuously hones itself to provide the very best value in quality Franks Furniture Window Displayupholstery, lamps, tables, chairs, bedroom dining and home office furniture, entertainment centers and clocks.

Founded in 1963, the company recently completely revamped the main building exterior, front and back, and portions of the interior. “People have a good feeling when the come to our location and come inside,” Franks said. “We stayed in Wayne because people come to us. Our customers come to Wayne because we provide value for them.”

One of the value services provided by today's Franks operation actually has roots dating from1946, when William C. Franks launched his original furniture finishing operation. “About two years later, he began selling new furniture and slowly began to acquire more buildings and adding more retail space,” Franks continued.

“Today, we still have the finishing skills and we still do specialty work,” said Franks. “If a customer wants to match an older piece of furniture, we can adjust the finishing of a new piece to match. This skill set allows us to “deluxe” the furniture — like in the old days— everything is inspected, adjusted and made right prior to delivery to the customer at home. We have an excellent delivery team and skilled craftsman, at our warehouse, who prepare the furniture before placing it on to the delivery truck. Our customers tell us that is real customer service.”

As any area resident knows, the larger discount stores spend a great deal on advertising. And, from Frank's perspective that is good since itFranks Furniture helps customers consider spending their discretionary dollars on furniture along with boats, cars and other items. When people see those commercials, he explained, they are not necessarily going to go to the advertiser and buy there. “Customers look around for good buys, higher quality and better service and better prices for higher grades of furniture,” he said.

“We started from scratch and over the years have added outstanding product lines and quality brand names such as Howard Miller and Stanley. But, just as importantly, we also have identified companies that craft end tables and upholstery, for example, which are vastly superior to the big brand names which are often advertised. Whenever it makes good sense we try to buy American-made products, such as in the case of upholstery and end tables, Howard Miller clocks, which still makes its famous clock cases in Zeeland, MI. Ultimately, whatever our customers are looking for, they will find that our merchandise is of a superior quality and also competitively priced.”

Today, few stores of a similar caliber to William Franks Furniture are in business. And, there are fewer each year. Similar stores in Plymouth, Livonia and Farmington have disappeared, for example.

Franks said, “It's a tough business. One has to know his customers and have products that are different from the competitors. One can't ‘oversell.' We have learned to must present the right message in the right manner and sell at the right price. Over the years, we have always respected our customers and developed our unique store atmosphere. Franks Furniture Enertainment CenterIt is instantly apparent to any visitor to our store and clearly different from the big box stores close-the-sale-today emphasis. At those places, sales associates are on commission and tell a customer anything to win a sale. The customer looses in many ways with that type of operation.”

“Our family-operated business has become a value oasis of quality and a known and trusted entity,” said Franks. “As a result, we draw customers from throughout the Metro Detroit area and beyond – Irish Hills, Milan, St. Clair Shores, Brighton, Plymouth and Toledo. One reason is that we've developed a reputation as a quality supplier of entertainment centers, those unique furniture pieces that are designed for the newest, flat, large-screen TVs. Today they have become an essential component for everyone's family room.”

“Also, in large part due to our reputation, many of our customers are now buying through our catalogues or directly from our Internet website. I think a reason for that is that they know we will stand behind our products.”

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