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City Clerk's Office Handles Many Duties

The City Clerk’s Office regularly becomes a focal point of our system of government with every election. But, that’s only one of the duties of the Clerk’s Office. The City Clerk also oversees and trains election workers, is responsible for absentee ballots and ensures the integrity of the voting process. Additionally, the Clerk’s Office processes voter registration applications and answers inquiries regarding birth certificates and death records.

Public records such as City-owned property, City Council minutes, Board and Commission minutes and City contracts, are also maintained by the City Clerk. Animal licenses are issued by the Office, as well as licenses to operate mechanical and electronic amusement devices, pool tables and bowling alleys. A license is also needed to operate a materials recovery facility, drive a taxi, sell products or services on private property, or to sell ice cream from a vehicle. And, finally, it’s the City Clerk’s Office that maintains the records for the City-owned Glenwood Cemetery, dating to approximately 1950.

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Voter Registration
Application for voter registration may be made at this office by persons who are 18 years of age or more, a U. S. Citizen, and a Michigan resident. If the applicant is a resident of Wayne, the application will be processed in this office. If the applicant is a resident of another Michigan community, the application will be forwarded to the clerk of that community for processing. There is a "close of registration" 30 days before any election.

Locally, primaries and elections are held in odd-numbered years to fill three positions on the City Council and for the Office of Mayor. The Clerk's Office also conducts all other elections required for the Wayne-Westland School District, County, State and Federal offices and ballot proposals.  Voting can take place at the polling place for an elector's precinct on election day, or by absentee ballot at the City Clerk's Office prior to election day. The polling places are open on Election Day from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm

Polling Place Locations

Precinct 1 Wayne Senior Activity Center
Precinct 2 Wayne Senior Activity Center
Address: 35000 Sims Ave.
Precinct 4 Taft-Galloway Elementary School
School Address: 4035 Gloria
(North of Forest)
Precinct 5 Taft-Galloway Elementary School
Precinct 6 Hoover School
School Address: 5400 Fourth
(South of Annapolis)
Precinct 7 Hoover School
Precinct 8 Roosevelt-McGrath Elementary School
School Address: 36075 Currier
(off of Williams, west of Wayne Road)

note: Precinct 3 has been consolidated with Precinct 2 and has been eliminated as a precinct number.

Birth & Death Records Available Online!
Official records of births and deaths occurring within the City limits of Wayne are on file in the City Clerk's Office. Certified copies of birth records are available to those so entitled by Michigan statue along with picture ID at a fee of $15.00; there is a reduced rate for multiple copies of the same record. Death records are open to the public; fees for certified copies of death records are the same as for birth records. The only forms of payment are cash or money orders.

Animal Licensing Available Online!
The City's Animal Control Ordinance requires that all dogs and cats four months of age or older must be licensed (certificate of rabies vaccination required) and wear a collar with current tag attached. Further the Ordinance provides that only two dogs and two cats may be licensed per residential household.

Fees during annual licensing period ending February 28:

  • Regular license $10.00*
  • License for spayed or neutered animals $5.00*

Fees from March 1st through December 30:

  • Regular/spayed or neutered animals $20.00
  • Replacement or transfer license (all year) $1.00

*Dogs & cats under four months of age or owned for less than 10 days qualify for these rates at any time of the year.

Licenses purchased during the renewal period are $10.00. Dogs and cats that have been neutered or spayed are issued license tags at $5.00. All Licenses purchased after the renewal period are $20.00.

Business Licenses
The City of Wayne does not issue licenses for businesses in general. However, licenses must be obtained to provide mechanical and electronic amusement devices, pool tables and bowling alleys. A license is needed to operate a materials recovery facility, drive a taxi, sell products or services on private property, or to sell ice cream from a vehicle.

Public Records
The City Clerk's Office maintains records of all City-owned property, contracts entered into by the City Council, minutes of City Council meetings, and minutes of all board and commission meetings. These records are available for inspection. Copies of the records may be purchased at fifty cents per page.